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Are Mushroom Supplements Good For You?

This is the age-old question! Mushrooms are as mysterious to western people as Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine, regular proponents of the humble 'shroom. 

Used for thousand of years by these ancient civilisations, there is a little more apprehension here in the United Kingdom around these natural substances.

In these cultures mushrooms are still used to treat a wide range of illnesses. Mushrooms offer a patient natural solutions to ailments such as seasonal allergies, insomnia, energy deficiency, depression and the common cold.

Mushroom adaptogens are a new phenomenon in the western diet, gaining in popularity every year.

Mushroom supplements, in capsule form, provide a quick, easy means of absorbing all the good nutrients of a functional mushroom without the hassle of storing, drying and extracting.

Mushrooms continue to increase in popularity as people look for natural solutions to health issues. It might be low-mood, poor sleep or lack of focus. Different mushrooms address different ailments.

These mushrooms are not 'magic'. They do not retain any psychoactive agents. There are no laws being broken with ingestion. They are however, varying in potency and quality is a major issue for many users.

They can be ingested in several ways:

Tinctures: Liquid drops of extracted mushrooms taken under your tongue

Powders:  Can be mixed with drinks and food. Usually sold in resealable packaging. Can be difficult to ingest due to taste.

Capsules: The most popular, cost-efficient and easiest way to consume a supplement. Drink with water!

Gummies: Tasty but expensive, and the jury is out on how effective they are for mushroom products.

Which Mushroom Supplement to Take?

When you begin to study the world of mushroom supplements, you might notice an huge variance in language, dosage and potency. Not all mushroom supplements are created equally.

Many providers sell powder or extract from mycelium on grain. These products are cheap and what they lack for in potency, their cost allows the provider to give you more quantity. You can grow Lion's Mane on Mycelium, but it can lack any real effectiveness in treating your issue.

Many people purchase these items without considering effectiveness or potency, relying solely on volume and miiligram count without understanding how that mushroom is grown.

For instance, our Mushroom Cloud supplement is a mixture of Cordyceps, Reishi and Lion's Mane, water-extracted from the fruiting body with a beta-glucan content of up to 30%. Beta-glucans are vital to the potency of a mushroom product.

If you remember anything from this article, make it three things. Polysaccharide content, beta-glucan levels and fruiting-body extraction. If a company cannot declare a polysaccharide and beta-glucan count you should re-consider your options.

Are Mushroom Supplements Good For You?

Mushroom supplements are natural, rich in nutrients and have no additives unless otherwise stated.

We are going to look at a mushroom supplement that we supply which is a blend of Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Reishi along with some Ashwagandha and vitamins.

Why is this combination good for you? Well, if you are trying to reduce your intake of caffeine or energy drinks, it is worth a look.

Lion's Mane: The furry, foody mushroom contains wonderful hericenones in the fruiting body working to create a healthy brain and nervous system.

Functional, adaptogenic mushrooms like our blend are are great way to reduce your spending on products that give jitters, make you crash and have questionable ingredients. 

We offer a subtle energy shift, one in sync with your body and energy levels. 

Cordyceps: Supports your cardiac and respiratory systems, very popular for athletes and endurance professionals. It is central to energy production in the body.

Reishi: Probably the most famous functional mushroom, reishi helps the body sustain a balance when managing stress. Reishi will improve your sleep and overall feeling of well-being.  

How long does it take for a mushroom supplement to work?

The time it takes for a mushroom supplement to work varies! Short-term effects like improved focus or mood can be noticed within hours or a few days. 

Long-term benefits, such as enhanced immune function or cognitive improvement, may require weeks or months of regular use. Individual responses vary, so follow dosage instructions carefully!

In the case of our Mushroom Cloud, don't expect lift-off for a few days. Give it time for the bioactive agents to work their way into your system and reduce your caffeine for a smooth changeover.

To date, there has been some research completed to support our claims, but more is need beyond what we already have to fully verify the power of the 'shroom.


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