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    The most dangerous people on Earth.

    The most dangerous people on Earth.

    We live in a world fashioned by a corporate-controlled media that smears everything from political debate to children's cartoons. The globalist system is reactionary and adrift. Disruption abounds. We consume fake media, faker food and fake wars. 

    Yet amidst all this, there are green shoots springing up near and far. Remarkable people doing remarkable things. They use the democratisation of technology to distribute content, products and information. They are grow food, teach, and share a new way of living. And they are dangerous.

    How can an Afghani boutique jam maker be dangerous? How can be world class surfer living in west Clare growing vegetables in a community farm be dangerous? How can a crafted hip hop verse out of Harlem threaten the system? 

    The common thread of these things is an effort by each individual to create a peaceful, less wasteful, sustainable world. Nothing generates more fear within a power structure than citizenry capable of critical thinking, feeding itself and respecting each other. All the pieces matter.

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