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5 Reasons to Try Functional Mushrooms

Mushrooms are great way to optimize for good health. 

Even in recent times, mushrooms were associated with less salubrious things picking shrooms up the mountains, bad taste and badder trips.

This has all changed.

In reality, mushrooms have been used in Indian and Chinese medicine to treat a variety of ailments and sustain a lifestyle.

This knowledge has now seeped through to the west and is here to stay, with thousands of people adding the wonderful fungi to their daily routine.

Below are the five most common benefits of what we now term Functional Mushrooms.

1. Immune Support

Mushrooms are great way to support and boost the immune system.

Extracted properly, Reishi and Cordyceps can be a prime example of mushrooms that can support the immune activity in the body.

These mushrooms can help your body take preventative action against illness and bolster the body's natural defences. You can view some of the studies on these mushrooms here.

2. Peak Performance

Every athlete is looking for that edge, be it in gym, on the road or between the white lines.

A mushroom like Cordyceps compliments the cardiovascular system and is proven to enhance athletic performance.

Perhaps the most infamous example of mushroom dosing came in the form of Chinese athletic teams in the mid-90's, with their coaches claiming high doses of Cordyceps was responsible for the out-sized performance of many Chinese athletes.

3. Stress Relief

Many 9-5er's experience a level of stress that can fluctuate between an existential crisis and full on breakdown. Working for the man can take its toll. 

A mushroom like Lion's Mane is non-psychoactive, but works to relieve stress and greatly enhance clarity of though.

Perfect for that 3pm slump.

4. Cognitive Function

Again, we turn to Lion's Mane as the ultimate shroomy example of an adaptogenic that can transform thought patterns. 

Mushrooms don't work like coffee. There is no big spike in cortisol or activity. It is a gradual subtle improvement that is consistent over time.

Lion's Mane is a proven winner in this regard.

5. Overall Well-Being

The end goal of consuming functional mushroom supplements is to lead to an improvement of overall well-being. 

So much of what we consume is stimulus, be it caffeine, energy drinks, tea. The have a peak and through. 

Mushrooms offer a different way, one that is more in-sync with your natural rhythms to reduce stress, improve cognitive function and cardiovascular health.


Do your own research, experiment with different mushrooms and only take as much as you need.

There are many studies out there that can show how these fungi can improve your well-being. Consult a doctor if necessary to charter the best course of action.

This is a multi-industry disrupting product. Always keep that in mind!








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