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    4 Things to Know about our Jewellery Capsule Collection

    Sharesiopa Jewellery Collection

    Sharesiopa Jewellery

    Our capsule collection of silver jewellery has been months in the making. We are now live and available for Christmas. Below are four things you should know. 

    1. These exclusive pieces are hand-made in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by Ammo Jewellery, a local social enterprise. If you look closely you can see a tinge of Cambodian influence on our embossed eternity bracelet.

    2. All our pieces are the highest grade of wearable silver, and carry a Dublin Assay Office silver hallmark. 

    3. The Serotonin Harp is an original adaptation by our team and mimics the serotonin molecule, the centre-point of our brain chemistry and doorway to human happiness.

    4. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders to Ireland and the UK.

    Pieces available are limited so order today!

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